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Protective Coatings Supplied by Sherwin Williams
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Services & Products

We offer one of the most durable protective coatings out there today, basicly any color you can do in paint you can do in powder. Our powder is supplied by Sherwin Williams, one of the most well known brands on the market today. Our services are powder coatings and every thing it takes to do the job correctly. All our prep work is very crucial to our products finish. We pride ourselves in being very picky in our finished product because we put ourselves in the customer's shoes and what would they want.

We also do just media blasting only with any finish you need. One of the things that bring people to All Star Professional Coatings is the size of our oven and sand blasting room. We can finish a product 10' x 25'. Another reason that we are used over and over is because we pick up and deliver our customer's product.

We also have an affiliate company "ASF Fabrication" for all your fabrication needs. You can contact Santino at with any questions about the fab division.

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